"A Family" (Commission)
"Our Sunshine"
"Aunty Margret"  (Commission)
My Brother Joe
"Phoebe" (Commission)
Mrs Atkins
"NHS portrait- Courtney and Pedro""
"Dawy" (Commission)
'Phil and Chris' (commission)
'Mrs Skene'
'Mr Lee'
'Mrs Williams'
'Mrs Morgan'
'Mrs Pask'
'Ms Douglas'
Self Portrait
Simon Kunz

Portraiture is where it all started for me. I realised it was about more than just capturing a likeness; I was capturing  the spirit of a person, an aspect of who they are.


This is why I always love to meet or know the person I'm capturing, as the conversations I have with them, and the things I learn about them, often inform my final image. 

 For information about possible commissions please contact me through my 'contact' page. Or for more general information head to the 'Commissions' section.  

Ink Drawings 

"Orkney Vole"
Little Fox
Little Otter
The Mad Manj Hare no.1
The Mad Manj Hare no.2
The Mad Manj Hare no.3
Little Badger
'Blue Tit'
'Mistle Thrush'

I have recently started completing animal ink portraits on paper. The simplicity of the ink on the surface offers an elegance to pieces. I quickly realised the commonality between people portraits and animal portraits; both have character, personality and a story to capture. I hope to continue to expand my collection of ink works beyond animals, focussing on the still life around me. 

To find products from this collection for sale in my online shop click here

Figurative work 

The Ineffible
'Adar o'r unilliw hedant i'r unlle'
'Pencil Study 1'
'The Cleanse'
'The Weeping Dancer'
'Green lady no.1'
'Green lady no.2'

I'm really fascinated by the human form and it's elegance. So much of human feeling is translated through the way we move and the way we hold ourselves. So in simplifying the human form, I search for the root of our emotion and being. Discovering something on the inside, by looking on the outside. 

Lino prints 

Noir (Black)
'Window to The World' (Yellow Ochre)
'The Rock 2' (black)
'Cocoon' (Yellow Ochre)
'Close' (Yellow Ochre)
'Reflection' (Black)
'Close' (Black)
'Home' (Black)
'The Rock 2' (Yellow Ochre)
'Cocoon' (Black)
'The Rock' (Black)
'Window to The World' (Black)

I have recently rediscovered the technique of Lino Printing. There is something particularly special about the process of cutting lino, of carving into a flat surface to discover an image underneath. There is a magic moment as you peel back the paper to reveal the ink image left behind. I particularly love this process because every print is ever so slightly different. The individuality of each piece means that although each print came from the same origins... in some ways its one of a kind.