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Blank canvas and paintbrush

As human beings, we are all creators. We all have the ability and natural desire to pro-create. To invest in the continuation of life. It's quite amazing really, as animals, how our bodies naturally have the ability to bring together all the tiny parts to create another completely seperate, and individual being. In many ways that's the greatest art-form isnt it? However, I do feel that when these tiny beings are created, some of us feel the need to create more than others. I'm not talking about pro-creating anymore. (Although I do believe some poeple were born to be mother's and father's.) Some of us are born artists. Our need to create drives us through everyday life.

Now I don't just class an artist as someone who picks up a paintbrush. Artists are infinate. Cooks, Authors, Photographers, Even some authadontists, some teachers, engineers. It's ability to create, to imagine, to see things that other's can't, to create just a little bit of magic. Those artists with the paintbrushes are the obvious form, I mean, they got the main title, but for a long time now i've seen artists everywhere.

Recently, I didn't have the urge to create as much as I have done in the past. I recently finished working as an actress in a new play in London. It was the best time of my life hands down. I was playing a character that hadn't come to life yet, except for in the playwrights head, therefore she became my own creation. Actually she was more of a pro-creation, she was created by not only me but, by the characters around her and the director. She was a callaborative effort, just like the play as a whole. Creating a character is a full time job, I found myself coming home from work (that seems like an unfair word for something I love) and doing things that my character would do, not me. We morphed... and became eachother. But she was my greatest form of artwork to date, and after creating her, artistciallly I didnt feel the need to create anything else. I was content. And I have been content for a while- you don't come down from a high like that quickly- but then something odd happened. I became sad, for reasons insignificant to this, but from sadness my immediate urge was to create. My spark came back. I spent a whole night unable to sleep because my brain was suddenly full of all those things only I could see. It was full of my magic.

It was this that made me think of creators. Something that keeps us safe and warm and cosy, is the fact that when we need it, and when we are ready, and when we least expect it, we can create something nobody else can. Something that's ours. And the most exciting part about that magic, and that spark, is that it's full of possibilities and suddenly life is a whole lot more exciting than before.

My Nan used to tell me off for not singing enough... "you have a gift now don't be selfish, share it"...

I'll leave you with that thought.

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